The Style Pointe has been a dream of mine since I came into realization how much I love fashion. I hope this becomes a platform where you can be yourself.

Love, Alysia

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Hi! Meet Alysia.

Wife, Mother of three, Influencer and Entrepreneur, Alysia Laethem, has long been known by family and friends for her special eye and natural ease in knowing how to put things together and make them look great.

Whether it was helping a friend or family member pull together an outfit for a special event, showing another how to reimagine their wardrobe, entertaining people at her home, or managing a variety of retail shops, Alysia brings her sense of impeccable style, appreciation for organization, and casually elegant touch to elevate everything she does.

The Style Pointe celebrates Alysia’s dream of sharing her passion and vision for helping other women look good and feel great. Having graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Business, and growing up in Metro Detroit – Grosse Pointe, Alysia also ensures that The Style Pointe supports Michigan communities by incorporating locally sourced fashion, beauty and lifestyle items and accessories.

Alysia and her family

Our Mission

The Style Pointe by Alysia Laethem provides inspiration and guidance for active, everyday women on how to craft a lifestyle that is beautiful, authentic, and feels good. Through her narrative of posts, photos and videos, Alysia connects women to her modern-day sense of style and design by combining classic, timeless looks with simple, fun livability.

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