April 8, 2022

ProLon Tips

I have completed a couple rounds of the ProLon 5 day fast (enter code SAMPLE at checkout for 15% off) and I am totally hooked! I absolutely love how it makes you feel after completing the 5 days. What peaked my interest is that it’s a fast WITH food!

I have tried a couple juice cleanses and those do not work for me at all! I end up just starving all the time and cranky. I was still very apprehensive to start ProLon with questions like; How will this work? Can I make it through the 5 days? Will the food taste good? And many more questions. But after the first round, I learned so much that I will take with me into future rounds and I want to share some helpful tips that I learned along the way.

First off, if you don’t know what Prolon is, it is a fasting mimicking dietary program designed to nourish your body, rejuvenate and support metabolic balance. There are many benefits to this fast including longevity, supporting metabolic health, enhanced clarity and performance, fat focused weight loss and it promotes cellular renewal triggering autophagy, which basically cleans up your bad cells. These benefits were seen in a clinical study after doing the 5 day fast for 3 consecutive months. After devoting yourself to 3 months, you can do the fast monthly, quarterly or whenever you think you need a reset.

Prolon meals come in 5 small boxes (one per day) including plant based bars, snacks, drinks, soups and supplements. Much to my surprise, the food actually tastes really good! There are two flavors you can order: the original or the new flavors. I have tried both and I slightly prefer the new flavors better, but I really do like both. I plan on mixing it up each month I do the fast to make it more exciting…laughing.

One of the biggest things that helped me through was joining the Facebook group called FASTINATION. It’s a wonderful support group of fellow Prolon fasters that share their questions, helpful tips or just are there for great positive support. You can just read and not comment and get a lot from it, or feel free to chime in with questions. Most of my tips came from this group.

Here are some things that I have learned along the way:

1.  Anything is better when you’re doing it with a friend! Do it with a friends, a spouse, roommate or family member! My first round I did it while some friends were as well. It made it so much better and fun to get through. We would text each other sharing stories, how we felt, different ideas, etc…
2.  I choose to do intermittent fasting while doing Prolon. I think it helps to condense the meals throughout the day. I follow the card they provide with the daily schedule, but ate within the time frame of 11am and 6:30 or 7pm.
3.  Every day you get 1 box of food/drink/snacks/supplements. For each day, you can change the order in which you eat the food, but you can not exchange food from day to day. Eat what is in the box for that day and move on to the next. They are labled 1, 2, 3…etc.
4.  Every morning during the fast I prep my meals for the day. Each day you receive 2 flavors of soup, one for lunch and one for dinner. One thing I did each morning was soak my soup. It improves the texture of some of the soups. The soup comes dehydrated, so simply mix it with water (amount depends per soup flavor) and keep it in the fridge until it’s time to heat up. Some people use hot water, I just used cold and it worked out fine. If you have to go to work or will be out and about, just heat the soup up in the morning (I get mine really hot) and bring it in a thermos (linked the one I love). I’ve done that a few times and it’s really easy, convenient and the soup is piping hot when you’re ready to eat it.
5.  The other thing I prep in the morning is the L drink. They give you this drink that you mix with water and pour into a 32oz water bottle (provided). Each morning I fill up the water bottle with the L drink and water and cold steep one (or 2 for a more intense flavor) of the hibiscus tea bags (you get a variety of tea per day) in the bottle. It turns a bright magenta color. I keep it in the fridge until I start eating after 11 and sip on it all day for energy. It is best cold, so I just keep putting it in the fridge or add ice.
6.  They also give you an L bar to have for breakfast each day. Either keep it in the fridge or freeze it in small pieces. I take mine and cut it into tiny pieces, put it in a baggy and store in the freezer until it’s time to eat it. It gets really crunchy and by cutting it into pieces you can save some of it for later in the day. Especially on days 3 and 5 where there is no afternoon snack.
7.  Refrigerate your olives.
8.  You are allowed 1 8oz cup of caffeinated coffee (only black) per day or caffeinated tea. You can have up to 6 cups of black decaf coffee per day.
9.  On days 3 and 5 save ½ of your crackers they give you at lunch and eat them with dinner. I like to crunch mine in the soup. I usually have 2 at lunch and 3 at dinner (they give you 1 pack of 5 crackers…on “cracker day”)
10.  You can add up to 1 tsp of dried seasoning to your soups per day. I add a touch of salt and a ton of black pepper (to the point where my nose is running…lol). I also like cumin in the squash soup (part of the new flavors), a little dried basil to the tomato is delicious too. Some also enjoy red pepper flakes.
11.  Some of the soups are a little “chunkier” than others, like the minestrone. I used my immersion blender (handheld stick blender) and made it more of a puree. Some use a coffee frother or a blender as well.
12.  Stay hydrated! Along with the L drink and all the teas they provide. Drink a lot of water. You are allowed sparkling plain water but nothing with calories.
13.  This one sounds silly, but you are allowed 2 pieces of sugar free gum per day! Hey, when you’re eating a days worth of food in a tiny box, that gum is a game changer!!
14.  Keep yourself busy! You can still workout, but very gentle things like light weights, pilates or going on walks.
15.  Don’t watch programs on tv that have to do with food and skip scrolling through recipes on instagram for those 5 days! It will just make you hungry. Getting into a good netflix show helps me. The first round I watched Emily in Paris 🙂
16.  Go to bed early!

Keep reminding yourself of all the amazing benefits this fast gives you. And remember YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR 5 DAYS!!

Thanks for reading,